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Customised Apparel for your Riding Club

At Sound Advice we create customised riding apparel for your club or group.

You can choose any of the apparel from the existing Sound Advice range and have those customised with your club name and logo, or we can design a range in a style and colour that suits your needs.

You can pick from riding tights, short sleeved and long sleeved tops, half-chaps, vests, jackets, and hats. You can also have matching saddlepads and show rugs.

Prices are comparable to what you would buy at the saddlery.

A recently example is a working equitation group. They ordered:

Customised riding tights $80

Long sleeved tees $50

Short sleeved ratcather shirt $50

Showerproof jackets $60

Saddlepads $65

All in their club colours, with their club name.

We recognise that clubs are made up of members of all shapes and sizes, and so this is why we offer a range of styles and designs for your club members to choose from. This way you can be matching without compromising comfort.

We can bring samples to your club meeting and discuss which combination of designs might work best for your club or group. You then decide how many of each style and size that you would like to order, pay a deposit and we get that order underway.

Message or email us to discuss customised apparel options for your club.

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