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Equine Nutrition Australia



While wild horses can roam in pastures and forage on natural grasses, domestic horses are likely provided with calorie-dense foods supplemented with packaged feeds. Instead, at Sound Advice, we believe in letting horses be horses, including in what they eat.

We consider your current horse diet and nutrition, overall health, possible deficiencies, and skin conditions in understanding what your horse needs and “only what your horse needs.” This horse-specific focus on equine nutrition in Australia means we also make seasonal recommendations, including toxin binders in spring and arthritis supplements in winter.

We are happy to consult with you to recommend an ideal combination of feed and supplements to help optimise your animal's health, comfort, performance, and longevity. In addition, your feed bill also looks better by simplifying your horse's diet to its most natural state. Our new subscription model also means we can tailor your supplement schedule and conveniently deliver it to your doorstep regularly.


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Why Trust Us for Superior Horse Nutrition in Australia?


Our extensive range features joint, gastrointestinal, calming mixes, and more, including:

  • Joints: Help keep joints supple and healthy and ease discomfort with our Turmeric Joint Mix, TuffRock Equine Joint Formula, our anti-inflammatory Sound Advice Relief Mix and Rosehip Plus.

  • Hooves: Keep hooves and skin healthy and looking good with our Chia or Biotin Trace and Sound Advice Trace Mixes, providing essential omega oil and biotin.

  • Gastrointestinal: Keep your horse happy from the inside out with our gut-health-promoting probiotic-rich Yea Sacc, Bio Mos and beneficial TuffRock Gastro-Intestinal Liquid. In addition, help bind a wide range of mycotoxins with Mycosorb A+.

  • Calm and soothe: Finally, help an anxious or hyperactive horse stay calm and ride on with our soothing magnesium-based Calm Mix, especially helpful for addressing magnesium deficiency symptoms.

In addition, consider our Chaste Tree Berry supplement for insulin-related concerns or mares experiencing reproductive issues.
Finally, choose our Founder Kit for conveniently packaged and balanced equine nutrition. The curated kit contains Sound Advice Relief and Biotin Trace Mixes, our Good to Go Powder, a TuffRock poultice, and Sound Advice's complimentary Founder Facts Booklet.

CLICK HERE for subscription based supplements.

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