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For you and your horse, comfortable riding means having the right equipment, including appropriate and good-quality horse saddle pad sets. These saddle pads help achieve optimal saddle fit and distribute pressure more evenly. In addition, they help limit friction between the saddle and your horse's back, protecting its skin, muscles and withers while providing additional cushioning for the kidneys. Beyond protecting your horse's back, the saddle pads also help improve your horse's performance by wicking sweat and helping make your saddle last longer.

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Choosing the correct saddle pads is vital to your horse's well-being. When selecting your product, ensure you prioritise saddle fit, avoiding any pressure on your horse's spine or withers. Then, choose the best type of saddle pad. Square shaped pads are best for dressage. All purpose can be used for jumping, eventing or pony club, and versatile half pads add support for use across all disciplines, alone or combined with full sets, cut backs are used for jumping saddles.

Also important is the shape you select. All Sound Advice pads are contoured along the spine. Contour-shaped sets are best for horses with prominent withers or a dip in their back. Making the best type, shape, and material choices is easier when you rely on professional advice, such as from Sound Advice Horse Health. We can do customised shapes/materials/colours for clients who are looking for specific designs.

Why Rely on Sound Advice for Saddle Pads in Australia?

Sound Advice offers an extensive range of saddle pads and saddle pad sets to meet your riding, jumping, and dressage needs.
Our collection includes:

  • Saddle pads for every discipline and event: Our showjumping, dressage, all-purpose, and half pads are available in various colour and style choices, including pastels, dark blue denim, black, grey, cobalt, copper, olive, and more. More unusual and fun patterns include camo, snakeskin, and rainbow tie-died, with finishes ranging from matt, embossed, or lush satin to glitter saddle pads. In addition, our pads are available in small pony, pony, cob, and full sizes.

  • Saddle pad sets for convenience and eye-catching coordination: Our practical yet trendy matchy-matchy sets offer our appealing range of saddle pads with girth stays and stirrup stays, plus matching bell and brushing boots and ear bonnets. Most sets are available for pony, cob and full. Please also speak to us for customised sets; we are happy to accommodate you as far as possible.

So, for individual saddle pads or beautifully fitting and matching horse sets in Australia, contact Sound Advice today.

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