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Hoof Care Products

Hoof care is vital for farriers, horse owners, and their horses. While horses may experience illness or injury anywhere in the body, this large animal’s hooves are weight bearing – supporting hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and therefore exponentially impacted by damage, ailments, or adverse conditions.
Healthy hoof maintenance is thus essential for optimal horse well-being and longevity. Keeping horses and their hardworking hooves happy takes time, effort, and expertise and relies on professional-grade farrier and hoof care products, tools and supplements.

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Sound Advice’s hoof treatments include Healthy Hoof intensive protein treatment, Tuff Rock energised volcanic poultices, Good to Go Hoof Powder, and Go Easy Hoof and Seedy Toe treatments for keeping hooves clean and dry. You’ll also find our cost-effective 3kg Biotin trace mix powder for maintaining hoof horn health and growth.
You can also save money with our Good to Go-Go Easy Duo pack or Sound Advice’s convenient founder kit containing Biotin Trace Mix, Tuff Rock poultices, Good to Go Powder, our Sound Advice Relief Mix, and an informative Founder Facts booklet.
Our comprehensive tool and accessory range offers various limb-type and size stable boots for horse ice or medication treatments, Davis Soaker Boots, anti-slip, soft-grip hoof picks, trims and nippers.
In addition, help prevent stress or injury with our general horse health product collection, including comfortable, faux-fur lined, crocodile brushing boots from Australia and fleece horse bandage wraps for protection while training, working, racing, riding or transporting.
Order today for healthier, happier hooves and to enjoy nationwide same-day delivery.

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