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5 Tips for Beautiful Manes

Here are some tips for improving horse manes:

  1. Keep manes braided and tails bagged: This helps prevent tangles from forming, which can pull out otherwise healthy hair. Braiding will help to reduce sweating under the mane which can cause your horse to rub.

  2. Keep everything clean and dry: Cleaning tack, rugs, and saddle blankets often will help reduce the risk of fungal irritants. See our Go Ahead zinc-based shampoo which is anti-fungal. If your horse is dirty, it will get itchy and rub.

Remember, no amount of conditioners or other “tips” will improve your horse’s hair without proper nutrition. So, a balanced diet is key! Attention Fresian, Gypsy Cob or Arab owners! Do you want a super-long, Fabio, Michael Bolton healthy mane that will turn heads? Try paddock plaits! Learn how by watching the video below.

Paddock Plaits with Roselee Friesians Leeanne Taylor and Mystic Shadows Rose demonstrate how they do Paddock Plaits, to help keep Roses mane in super condition


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