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8 Important Nutrients to Build a Healthy Coat

As Winston Churchill said, “There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." We all, as owners, take great pleasure when our horses are looking their best and work hard to achieve it.

There are several key nutritional ingredients that can help build healthy coats in horses. These include:

Combining Sound Advice Biotin Trace and Flax/Linseeds will supply optimal amounts of zinc, biotin, iodine and omega 3s.

The source of protein and vitamin E (and lysine for topline) we recommend is soy bean meal, available in most produce stores as Pryde's Protein Pack, or ask for full fat soy meal, which (in a less fancy bag) can often be cheaper..

Soy bean meal is also high in methionine. Oats are a good source of methionine. Methionine is also high in chia and flax/linseeds.

An example combination for your horse to build a healthy coat that includes all the above nutrients:

1 cup soy bean meal

1 cup whole oats

2 scoops linseeds

1 scoop Sound Advice Biotin Trace

Good quality lucerne chaff or hay,

as well as access to fresh pasture (for vitamin A).

Hair and hooves are made from the same building blocks, so adding these feeds/supplements will also help with optimal hoof health.

This is an example for coats/hooves specifically. If your horse has other issues, see previous (and future) emails for supplements that address other horse health matters. Of course, every horse is an individual. Contact us about your specific needs.

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