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Why Didn't I think of that? Five Horsey Money-Saving Ideas

Horse gear is expensive enough! We've gathered together five clever, dollar-saving ideas for storing your horse gear, and organising your feed or tack shed.

1. Rug Rack:

If you're looking for ways to store the rugs that you are currently using - other than throwing them over a gate to be rained, or for a horse to pull it down and stomp it into the dirt, try a simple L- shaped shelf bracket. You can buy these for around $6 from a hardware store.

2. Whip storage:

Tack or strap a piece of down pipe to a post on your round yard to store lunging whips. Then you will always know where it is!

3. Hose Reel:

You can pay $50 to $200 for purpose-made a hose reel, or pay $9 for a rustic metal bucket for a hose reel with storage for your shampoos, scrub brush and sweat scraper. Bonus!

4. Tool storage:

Old filing cabinets are often listed for free on marketplace or your neighbour group. Tip it on its side for handy tool storage. They look even better with a bit of spray paint.

5. Colourful Jump Poles

Turn a three or four day messy, expensive job into a one hour easy job. Instead of painting your jump poles, use coloured duct tape. You can buy duct tape for around $7 a roll from a stationary store in a range of exciting colours, including animal prints and rainbow.

You're welcome!

If you've got any ideas you'd like to share, please add them in the comments below.

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