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Supplements by Subscription

Updated: Mar 14


Sound Advice started twenty years ago as a hoof care business. Barefoot was relatively new in the early 2000s and many of the clients that we saw were recurrently lame, or 'incurably' lame horses that traditional farriers and vets had pretty much given up on.

We soon discovered that many of the problems we were seeing in hooves were actually nutrition or metabolic related. Not finding specific off-the-shelf products that addressed these - or at least not affordable ones - we started to make our own for these clients. We designed our packaging around the six-weekly visits we made to our clients - hand delivering just as they should run out.

As we started to turn these horses around with a more natural approach to hoof care, meeting these horses' optimal nutrition requirements, owners instituting some changes to husbandry - as well as working in partnership with One Osteopathy to address any musculoskeletal issues, demand for the supplements grew.

Today much more of our supplements go out via Australia Post than to our face-to-face clients. We have noticed that some of our online clients are not purchasing their supplements in the same way that our direct customers do.

According to the dosage on the label, a bag should last around six weeks if dosed correctly. Many repeat online clients are repurchasing well beyond six weeks. We conclude they are either not supplying the supplement to their horse at the recommend dose each day, or dosing correctly, but then running out and not feeding the supplement at all until they see symptoms of deficiencies return.

If you are only giving half the dose, you are only going to see half the result.

One of the claims we are not allowed to make because of the rules around how nutritional supplements are marketed is that a horse on a recommended dose of our Trace Mix year-round does not get Itch, or at least symptoms of Itch are dramatically improved such that lesions are barely noticeable. But there will be only a minimal result on an Itch season if you start feeding Trace after the legions have appeared.

Similarly, symptoms of magnesium deficiency include things like spookiness, irritability, muscle twitching and cramping - these are all things you can observe. But there are 300 enzymes that require magnesium to function. Magnesium plays a part in many functions of the body that you can't observe.

If you're not seeing the results we show in our before and after pictures, it may be because you are significantly underdosing.

We have come up with a solution for our online clients, which is to provide the supplements by subscription. You won't need to think about it, or ration it out. Simply dose using the scoop that's in the bag and just as you should run out, you will receive new supplements to your door,

For subscriptions we have altered our packaging to supply a monthly plan for your horse. We offer subscription plans at a 20% discount on the retail price and we absorb the cost of postage (an additional $10 - $20), giving you a substantial saving, as well as convenience.

Signing up is easy and you can cancel at any time.

We are also happy to tailor custom pricing plans for you based on the combination of supplements you would like to use.

Keep your horse healthy and happy year-round, affordably, and with no fuss using Sound Advice Nutrition Subscription Plans


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