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What is Your Problem?

What is your problem? Arthritis?

We have three supplements that address joint health. One is for younger horses with rosehips and includes magnesium for muscle health too. One is turmeric based for older performance or competition horses that need something that works but won't swab. One is for geriatric horses or relief for horses in chronic pain, that is made from ingredients as effective as bute without the side effects.

What is your problem? Hoof quality?


We have developed 3 topical hoof care products for thrush, cracks, separation, seedy toe and abscess, in collaboration with our customers over many years. We make these by-hand here in our shed in the Hunter Valley.

We make hoof products that are safe to handle, that work, and most importantly - are easy to apply so you will actually use them!

What is your problem? Skin health? Itch?

Most skin problems - Itch, washed out colour, greasy heel etc. are resolved over time when a horse receives adequate copper and zinc.

All Sound Advice Trace Mixes contain optimal copper and zinc. Further, adding linseed (flax) has be shown in research to improve skin conditions.

Hooves are made from the same nutritional building blocks as skin, so any supplement that help with skin are going to improve hoof health too.

What is your problem? Ulcers? Scours? Gut health?

We originally produced a gut supplement made with marshmallow root, yeast and slippery elm, but it was expensive and had a short shelf life. Then we found Alltech had already produced natural prebiotics and probiotics which were effective, palatable, had a longer shelf life, natural and had a very low inclusion rate at only 10g per day, making them great bang-for-buck.

Moody mare?

Staggers? Stringhalt?

Do you have a problem we haven't listed? Get in touch. Leave a comment. Email us at


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