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On Fabrics and Artisan Design

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We started the saddle pad part of our business based solely on customer requests. Our first saddle pad design was camo in showjumping, followed by rainbow tie-dye in all purpose - both requests customers who wanted something special they couldn't find in retail stores.

Some colours that were customer requests:

From the outset we made saddle pad sets that were unique or unusual colours not available everywhere. We also set out to make saddle pads that are contoured in shape, moisture wicking, with girth and stirrup stays, and specific to saddle shapes for a better fit for your horse. Horse health has always been our priority.

All Sound Advice saddle pad sets are handmade by real people. They are made in small batches from limited bolts of fabric. Once they are made and a batch sold out, there is no guarantee we can source exactly the same fabric again. For this reason, you will see colour variation from batch to batch, or colours discontinued - not because customers didn't love them, but because we can't source the same fabric again.

Pink Holo was a popular colour in a fabric we can't get any longer. We have four pads left in full, with matching brushing boots, but no bonnets. They match well with the hot pink floral stirrups.

Sound Advice is not a bulk retail store, we are artisan in our approach, always aiming for quality and unique offerings. It's always exciting when a new batch comes in to the warehouse. We love seeing our customers delighted with their custom designs.

Each batch sells out quickly. If you have had your eye on a saddle pad set in a specific fabric, we do encourage you to grab it fast to avoid disappointment, or alternatively, let us know and we can put a set aside for you.

You might also follow us on social media or subscribe to our site and we will let you know when new colours and designs come in to our warehouse.

We are putting together new designs right now! If you have a colour or pattern you would like to see, please let us know. We love putting together quirky and unusual designs.

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