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Smell Your Horse's Feet

Back in 2004 we set up the Sound Advice eBay store to sell our very first product - Good to Go Hoof Powder.

Technically, it wasn't a business yet - we were just trimming hooves for our friends and neighbours, and their mates from pony club.

We had clients with hoof thrush. We trimmed a Clydie mare with canker (so gross). We asked our clients to treat with soaks, but they simply wouldn't do it. Too hard. Don't have time. Forgot. Was going to, but it rained.

It matters because horses with hoof thrush can be very lame. We have helped horses who were about to be put down for chronic 'navicular syndrome' that actually just had bad thrush.

We had to find something that was so easy that they would actually use it. We came up with a range of ingredients that were safe to handle, but had antibacterial / antifungal properties. It made sense to use something that was drying, since the main problem was moisture. We asked a whole bunch of clients to put 4 different powders on a different hoof to see which would be the most effective. The most successful preparation became Good to Go Hoof Powder

We have been making Good to Go by-hand here in the Hunter Valley for 20 years!

It's great for hoof thrush. Just dust it on when you pick out your hooves. Put it inside your hoof boots before you ride. Fill any separation or seedy toe with Good to Go.

 Give it the sniff test. Hooves shouldn't smell bad. If they do - sprinkle on some Good to Go.

Since then we have used it for a range of things - greasy heel, rain-scald, ringworm, and it is a natural and non-harmful alternative for treating proud flesh.

It's terrific for those white legs that react to paspalum.

A little bit goes a long way, and it's all minerals, so one bottle lasts for years. It's a handy thing to have in your grooming kit ready when you need it. Buy one today!


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