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Got flaky or cracked hooves?

Updated: Feb 26

Has your horse got flakey, chipped or cracked hooves? Studies show biotin supplementation improves hoof horn condition and growth.

Sound Advice Biotin Trace Mix is a biotin suplement that also includes copper for coat quality, zinc for immune function and iodine for thyroid health.

Biotin Trace is the most palatable of the Sound Advice mixes and is suitable for fussy eaters - particularly thoroughbreds.

Dosage: 1 scoop (provided) contains 250mg copper, 600mg zinc, 3mg iodine in a biotin premix. 1 scoop per day. Use 1.5 scoops for a horses over 600kg.

Sound Advice Trace Mixes may assist horses who are showing symptoms of deficiencies in copper, zinc and iodine.


Copper has a role in the central nervous system, melanin and collagen, metabolising iron, in blood, bone, tendons and ligaments.

Symptoms of copper deficiency include:

Poor coat quality ('rusting').  Abnormalities in bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, arterial walls. Anemia.


Zinc has a role in the central nervous symptom and supports immune function.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency can include: poor coat, mouth ulcers, skin flaking, poor hoof quality, poor fertility, mild anemia (oxidative damage), suboptimial immunity and predisposition to skin infections. (Dr. Kellon, NRC+, 2008)


Iodine is required for healthy thyroid function.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency include: equine metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance.


Biotin supplementation improves hoof horn condition and strength.

(Biotin is added to the Biotin Trace Mix only).

More information about trace minerals can be found here:

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