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Got A Dog?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Sound Advice also makes a relief mix for dogs. It has ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.


Canine Relief Mix contains glucosamine, MSM and harpophytum procumbens - similar to the equine relief mix, except that it also contains colostrum. 

Glucosamine, MSM and harpophytum procumbens (devil's claw)  may help to alleviate pain & reduce inflammation. It may help to address symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, and muscle pain.

Colostrum has immune boosting properties, and we have found anecdotally from clients that it is useful in helping to ease skin inflammation such as hot spots, or allergies.

Dosage: We supply one 10g scoop in the bag. If you have a very large dog, or a very small dog, you will need to adjust the dosage for your dog.

Please note: dogs are carnivores. Carnivore means 'eats meat exclusively'. If canines ate grains naturally, they would not be classed as carnivores, they would be classed as omnivores.

Most of the dogs we have designed diets for have had relief from their inflammatory symptoms by changing their diet from a commercially available, cereal-based, pelleted dog food to human-grade meat.

Canine Relief Mix is most effective if it is added to a meat-only diet. We recommend feeding a combination of muscle meat, organ meat and bones.

This is Matilda. She has been on Canine Relief daily for about 5 years. She has always been on a human-grade, meat-only diet. She will be 17 in January 2020, but still gallops every day, jumps in and out of my 4WD several times a day with ease. Skips up stairs. No worries.

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