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Can Horses Eat Parsley?

Updated: Jun 10

From the back of the site we can see what people search for, and one of the HUGEST search queries - something like 500 searches have lead people to our site asking:

Can horses eat parsley?

Yes. And no.

A small amount of parsley is fine, and contains vitamins, but it is toxic in large quantities - as are many herbs. Parsley contains furanocoumarins. Furanocoumarins can cause photosensitivity, but are also being studied for anti-cancer properties in people.

Too much of anything is not a good idea, and horses should be eating many things. Parsley is not a herb that we would specifically recommend to solve particular problem for horses. Our favourites for horse health are in the "Herbs that Work" Bundle - turmeric, chaste tree berry and rosehips.

For optimal nutrition, your horse should be consuming forage from many different grasses and herbs. Often horses that are on cultivated pastures (frequently planted to fatten cattle for meat production) are not meeting all of their nutritional requirements, and that's why we make Trace Mix, which contains minerals typically deficient in modern pastures.

My question is, WHO HAS ALL THIS PARSLEY??

If you have an excess of parsley, approach your local restaurants. You can make a motza selling your abundant parsley for garnish! Step two: use your parsley money to buy gorgeous saddle pads.

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