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New Fly Masks!

With this season being a particularly wet one, we are seeing more flies and biting insects than usual. We recently have in stock new Sound Advice fly masks.

They have lycra ears which prevent bugs but still allow for a full range of ear movement and hearing.

The mesh material is fine and soft meaning that you can leave your mask on overnight which is often when the bugs are at their worst, and your horse can still see.

They are close-fitting enough to go under your bridle.

The sizing is very versatile for both fine heads and thicker jawlines.

We have these on our own 7 horses and our agistment clients, and the two worst candidates for losing their masks in the paddocks still have them on!

They come in bright red, so if they do lose one, it is easy to from a distance.

Better still they are machine washable! We do encourage horse owners to wash their fly masks, particularly when the pastures are longer than normal, and they are subject to heavier dew and grass seeds. This can lead to skin irritations. Buy two, throw one in the wash once a week in a pillow case or bra bag.

Please always check your fly masks daily for flies inside the mask, and also check for rubs.

The feedback we have been getting is very positive overall.

You can find them here:

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